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Welcome to, your local Canadian online store for laser pointers and related products. We sourced out the best manufacturers of laser pointers we could find, plus we test every laser before shipping. Read more about what each laser pointer color is good for and what amazing cool affects you can create. There are plenty of educational and professional reasons to own a laser pointer as well as lighter reasons, such as fun at parties or with your pets - you would be surprised how many zoo animals love lasers. Products were sourced and approved for sale in Canada and United States of America. Free shipping is available on all items!

200mW Green Module

The 200mW Green Tabletop w/ Stage Mount emits a very visible green beam that can be seen for miles at night. This laser module is meant for indoor use only. Has a built-in heatsink and fan so it may be left on for hours at a time. The removable stage mount can be used to prop up and point the laser at a desired location.

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